It's time for TeksMed

In less than two years TeksMed has reduced our claim costs by 67.5%. TeksMed’s team of professionals has achieved its objective of reducing our claim costs and our administration. Working with TeksMed has freed up my time which has allowed me to focus on other priority areas.  I would highly recommend TeksMed to anyone considering professional claim management services.

Throughout our partnership, I have had the pleasure of working with TeksMed/QPPC representatives who I have found knowledgeable, personable and reliable. SIR Corp is always able to count on sound advice and support with regards to return to work management and dealings with all WSIB/WCB related matters. I would recommend TeksMed to any company looking to implement a successful and cost effective injury management program. 

TeksMed’s well rounded claims management, knowledge of the WCB and constant follow up has allowed me to manage my employee’s and not be side tracked by the vast amount of paperwork and red tape involved with the WCB.

Tannis Food Distributors recently became a Quikcare client and the results were immediate. TeksMed secured 100% relief of costs on a claim, and provided an injured employee with a much-needed MRI within 48 hours. “Hard to believe! We are so used to waiting 48 days or more.”

Since we partnered with TeksMed they have provided continuous support with RTW management and WSIB matters from day one of injury. We have gained valuable information from their consultation that helps us with better Health and Safety initiatives at our various plants – thank you.

Karen Barry
Safety and Security Manager,
Wendy's Canada

Kim Posavad
Health and Safety Specialist
Service Inspired Restaurants

Amanda Kerr Sanders
Tim Hortons Franchisee

Robert Booth,
Health & Safety Coordinator,
Tannis Food Distributors

Jean-Marc Longtin
General Manager
Lanthier Bakery Ltd.


TeksMed Services initially reviewed several of our old cases and were able to get us significant relief on a major claim that had previously been handled by another WSIB expert who cost us a lot of money without any result. We continue to be impressed by their skill in dealing with the serious WSIB issues and the quality of the people working on our behalf. Their ability to speed up diagnostic testing has been proven several times in the past year.

Van Kam Freightways enjoys speedy healthcare and large savings: “One of our key employees had an injured knee. TeksMed arranged an MRI and specialist appointment within eight days. Normally, the employee would be out 3 to 6 months! The fact that QuikCare pays for private medical services, even surgeries, is amazing. As well, TeksMed decreased our claims costs by 78% in year one, directly resulting in a 23% decrease in WCB premiums.”

We have been partnered with TeksMed for just one year and have already seen a return on our investment. By managing our claims and return to work efforts, TeksMed ensures that we always meet our WSIB obligations. QPPC, TeksMed's legal partner, requested a transfer of costs on our behalf, successfully removing 100% of the claim costs from our NEER without charging a commission. - Thank you!

I just wanted to let you know like every other year that’s it’s been a pleasure having TeksMed work alongside me with Centra claims. I think a big ”Kudos” goes to Allyson who has really helped me with claims, RTW’s , GRTW’s and a lot more, Allyson is very professional in what she does for Centra, her knowledge and professional advice on a day to day basis is outstanding. My Centra workers feedback, who are on a RTW or have been on a RTW, applause Allyson for her good solid communication and help throughout their claim. I am very, very impressed with Allyson for calling me back on very short notice with advice and always being polite.
I’m not the easiest person to deal with at times but hey hats off to Allyson for putting up with this British Safety Officer. I am also aware that besides Allyson there are a lot more people involved in our claims etc, I would like to thank each and every one of them for their time, commitment and hard work in helping me (Centra). Today I met with TeksMed Kari who like every other year delivers our Centra Glossy report, very good presentation I must say very clear , good knowledge and great report. I thought I would send this email to you, as hard dedicated workers need to be recognized throughout our work places.
Thank you all for your hard work and commitment, and we look forward to continue working with you all this year and years to come!!

Most injured workers can do some sort of modified work once we know what's going on with them. We don't have to worry about having a member of our team sitting around for months just waiting for a diagnosis.  Knowing that TeksMed can get our workers into an MRI or Specialist within days is great.

Peter DiTecco,
Armbro Transport Inc.

Leslie Moizis
Health & Safety Officer,
Van Kam Freightways Ltd.

Tony Abdool
General Manager
Delta Plus

Sukhi Hothi
Health & Safety Officer
Centra Construction Group

Kevin Mindel
Operations Director
Alliance Truss Ltd


TeksMed helped us with a large case that we were struggling to manage and helped us gain significant cost relief from WCB that we had previously been denied. That case in itself warranted using TeksMed’s services, but we found their friendly helpful staff, fast response (they always answer the phone its not automated) and their help with the paperwork extremely valuable, thus enabling me to concentrate on running the business instead of drowning in WCB redtape and paperwork.

With guidance from TEKS on managing our claims we were able to develop a comprehensive modified duty program that allowed our workers to remain at work doing light duty while they healed. This reduced the number of lost time injury days and allowed our workers to remain at work earning full pay without interruption of pay. Our company went from 26 lost time accidents in a year to zero – can you believe, zero lost time accidents in a year. Thanks TEKSmed for your help and support.

In the time that I have been working with TeksMed, I have found them to be very helpful and professional. Their people are very friendly and easy to work with. The follow up and diligence on claims has been excellent and has saved our company a significant amount of money. I look forward to working with TeksMed well into the future.

At Nienkamper we feel confident knowing that in the event of a workplace injury, an experienced Return to Work Coordinator and Licensed Paralegal are there for us. This allows us to stay focused on Health & Safety rather than WSIB paper work.

We have worked successfully with Teksmed since 2007 to not only handle our Claims Management but also to assist in expediting Medical Care when it could speed the return to work process.

Megan Eastwood
Director of Operations
Norwood Packaging

Keith Preston
Occupational Health
& Safety Supervisor,
Crown Packaging

Dick Raschpichler,
H&S Specialist,

Dan Dewar
HR Administrator

Todd Stafford
Northern Cables Inc.